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Join us for a spellbinding event at the Hilton Orlando! Get ready for an enchanting experience at Magic with the Belles, where magic comes to life through the love of romance novels. This in-person event will take place in the Orange Ballroom with two signing sessions throughout the day on Saturday, March 22, 2025. Mark your calendar and plan to attend Magic with the Belles with so many of your favorite romance authors, vendors, and Southern Belle Book Events!



A.L. Jackson

Abby Millsaps
Adriana Locke

Alley Ciz
Aly Stiles

Amo Jones
Amy Daws
Anna B. Doe
Aurora Rose Reynolds
Ava Harrison
B. Celeste
BB Easton
Bella Matthews
Brooke Montgomery

Carrie Ann Ryan
Cary Hart
Chelle Sloan
Clarissa Wild
Cora Kenborn
Debra Anastasia
Devney Perry

Elle Christensen

Ellie Wade
Emily Silver
Fiona Cole
Gail Haris
Giana Darling
Hannah McBride
Hannah Gray
Harloe Rae
Hazel James
Heather Orgeron
Heidi McLaughlin
Hollis Wynn
Holly Renee
JD Hollyfield

J. Saman

Jaine Diamond
Jen L. Grey
Jenn McMahon

Jenna Hartley

Jessica Peterson
Jillian Dodd
Jodie Larson

Julie Olivia
K. Street
K.K. Allen
Kandi Steiner
Kara Kendrick
Karina Halle

Kate Dramis
Kathryn Andrews
Katie Rae
Katie Ashley

Kimberly Readnour
Krista & Becca Ritchie
Kristy Marie

Laurelin Paige
Lena Hendrix

Liz Tomforde
Lucia Franco
M. Robinson
M.E. Montgomery

Mandi Beck
Marni Mann

Meagan Brandy

Micalea Smeltzer

Monica Murphy

Monica James

Morgan Elizabeth
Nikki Ash
Norma Marie
Penelope Black
Q.B. Tyler
R.L. Mathewson

Rachel Leigh
Rochelle Paige
Sapphire Knight
Sara Cate
Sara Ney
Shain Rose
Shelby Gunter
Stacy Kestwick
Tia Louise
Toni Aleo
Tori Fox
Victoria Ellis
Willow Winters

attending authors

Blooming Books
Eden Books
Fire Drake Artistry
Frills & Freckles

Hello Lovely Box
Novel Grounds
The Last Chapter Book Shop

attending vendors

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Whether this is your first event or your 200th, we're excited to have you with us in March 2025. Check out everything you need to make for an easily routed book signing including hotel information, FAQ, and more.

Numbers, bracelets, and updates, oh my! Not sure what in the world that means or need a refresher course? We'll lay out our full plan to keep the event flowing seamlessly and help you meet all of your favorites.

Love to work a bit behind the scenes and act as an author's personal PA, handle line control, and more? We just might have a spot for you. *Completion of form does not guarantee volunteer placement.

Have a business that would like to partake in the festivities of event day? We have sponsorship opportunities remaining and available for you! If you'd like a tailored option, don't hesitate to contact us!


Interested in signing or have other questions? Talk to us below!

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